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Pasākumu saraksts / Event list
Laiks/Time Apraksts / Description
12.07.2006 Porsche activities in Latvia will continue at www.924.id.lv
17.04.2003 Waiting and organizing a small weekend drive around Latvia.
10.09.02 We are back from Baltic - Scandinavian Porsche Meeting.
Pictures from event currently are here, more information coming soon...
20.08.02 September 6-8 Baltic - Scandinavian Porsche Meeting
02.07.02 This Saturtday on July 6th in Bikernieki STREETRACE PARTY - see you there!
10.02.02 Celebration of 2 years of our club.
24.11.01 Participated in bowling tournament organized by SAAB club Latvia. Thanks to SAAB enthusiasts for nice event and a cake!
14.11.01 Season is over. Club activities will continue next year.
25.09.01 Alfrēds is back from Luxembourg, where he attended Euro 928 2001 Grand Tour! Pictures are available on his site: porsche928gt.yo.lv
17.09.01 Club meeting.
27.08.01 We did well in Melluzi competion. Alfreds got third place even though he had almost no front break pads! Results
25.08.2001 10:00 Slalom organized by GSA autoclub in Jurmala, Meluzi cart track.
16.08.2001 Club board elections.
Pirmdien 13.08.2001 19:00 Club meeting - Kekava, Kalna pub.
01.08.2001 Speedest 2001 drag race was attended only by Alfreds with his 928GT. Alfreds - keep it that way!
2001. Gada 22. Jūlijs
2001. Gada 14-15. Jūlijs
2001. Gada 26-27. Maijs
2001. Gada 26-27. Maijs
2001. Gada 5. Maijs
2000. Gada 4. Novembris
2000. Gada 21-22. Oktobris
2000. Gada 24. - 27. Augusts
2000. Gada 22. Jūlijs
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