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XXVII International Baltic Road Conference
Yearbook of Latvian State Roads 2006
Road construction works 2007

 Latvian Road Museum
Road Museum Seminar


    Estonia: Mrs. Marge Rennit, Estonian Road Museum, Manager
    Finland: Mrs. Leena Salejoki-Hiekkanen, Finnish Road Administration, Project Manager, Public Relations
    Mr. Kirsi Liimatainen, Finnish Road Museum, Curator
    Mr. Kimmo Leva, Finnish Road Museum, Director
    Iceland: Mr. Jakob Halfdanarson, Iceland Road Museum, Engineer
    Latvia: Mr. Hamilkars Svikis, Latvian Road Museum, Manager
    Mrs. Indra Dziedataja, Latvian Road museum, Curator
    Mr. Andris Veiss, Latvian Road Administration, Head of Office of Director General,
    Mrs. Raima Dorss, Latvian Road Administration, Foreign Relations Co-ordinator
    Lithuania: Mr. Juozas Stepankevicius, Lithuanian Road Museum, Director
    Mr. Rimvydas Delkus, Lithuanian Road Administration, Head of Public Relations
    Norway: Mr. Geir Paulsrud, Norwegian Road Museum, Director
    Sveden: Mr. Jan-Olof Montelius, Swedish National Road Museum Pylonen, Director
Invited guests: Mr. Olafs Kronlaks, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Road Administration
Interpreter: Mr. Andris Akers

13.30 – 14.30 Raising of the Standard, taking photos, lunch
14.30 – 17.00 Guided tour of the museum
17.00 – 17.30 Opening of II Nord-Balt Seminar and discussion of the agenda

9.00 – 9.10 Complimentary speech of Mr. Olafs Kronlaks, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Road Administration
9.10 – 12.00 Reports delivered by Latvian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Icelandic, Estonian, Norwegian, Finnish Road Museum representatives
12.00 – 12.30 Discussion of the motions
12.30 – 14.00 Signing in the Guest Book, lunch
14.00 – 19.00 Technical Tour round state road network with stops at historic bridges

Working language of the seminar is English with translation from or to Latvian or Russian according to the need.

According to the agenda on 10 September the tour of the Latvian Road Museum was guided by Mr. Hamilkars Svikis and Mrs. Indra Dziedataja. Mr. Andris Veiss, Head of Office of Director General, LRA, addressed the participants of the seminar. Discussion of the agenda was opened by Mr. H. Svikis. Participants agreed with agenda and no other changes were made.
Seminar on September 11 was opened by Mr. Olafs Kronlaks. The following participants delivered reports in the following order:
    1. Mrs. Indra Dziedataja, Latvia
    2. Mr. Jan-Olof Montelius, Sweden
    3. Mr. Rimvyldas Delkus, Lithuania
    4. Mr. Jakob Hlfdanarson, Iceland
    5. Mrs. Marge Rennit, Estonia
    6. Mr. Geir Paulsrud, Norway
    7. Mrs. Leena Salejoki-Hiekkanen, Mr. Kimmo Leva, Finland
The discussion of proposals was opened and chaired by Mr. Andris Veiss and the participants of the seminar resolved on the following:
    1. Acknowledge the fact that the seminar was purposeful, the reporters delivered well prepared reports and much valuable information was learned;
    2. Suggest that the host of the seminar – Latvian Road Administration compiles information in electronic form and sends it to each participant of the seminar;
    3. Suggest that the Road Museums, National Road Administrations, Nordic Road Association and Baltic Road Builders Association have this information included into their home pages;
    4. Accept the proposal of Mr. Geir Paulsrud to organize the seminar at Norway Road Museum in Lillehammer in September 2004. It was agreed to organize such seminar each year in September in one of the participant countries;
    5. Suggest to include into agenda of the next seminar the following issues: traffic safety and organization; optimum methods for clarifying historic values in road sphere; choice, documentation and preparation of the present items that may have historic value in future, and to define the motto of the seminar while preparing for the next seminar;
    6. Support the idea that during III Road Museum Seminar a technical tour to a traffic organization centre is arranged;
    7. Contribute to and further develop the Nordic and Baltic State Road Museum bilateral cooperation, exchange of the information, exhibits and visits for the exchange of experience;
    8. Suggest that the museums have stands with the information about the other cooperating road museums and road administrations;
    9. Suggest to invite to participate into seminars representatives from National Road Administrations, e.g. representatives from Public Relations Department, Foreign Relation Department or other competent representatives. This could promote the work of road museums;
    10. Directors of the road museums continue to work at project’s textual formation on further cooperation of the Nordic Road Museums group and Baltic State Road Museums group, so that this document could be put forward for signing during III Road Seminar in Lillehammer, Norway.

Protocol was signed by:
Mr. Hamilkars Svikis
Latvian Road Museum Manager

Mrs. Indra Dziedataja
Latvian Road Museum, Curator

 Seminar Programme
 Estonian report
 Finnish presentation
 Finnish report
 Icelandic report
 Latvian report
 Lithuanian report
 Norwegian report
 Swedish report

Road Museum Seminar
September 2003 in Slokenbeka, Latvia

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