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XXVII International Baltic Road Conference
Yearbook of Latvian State Roads 2006
Road construction works 2007

 EU Co-financed Investment Projects
Route E 67

Route E67 Via Baltic, road A1 Riga (Baltezers) - Estonian border (Ainaži) section 0.0 - 6.3 and crossing with road A2 Riga - Sigulda - Estonian border (Veclaicene)

Main construction works are:
  • widening of asphalt pavement to 11.5 m (sections with kerb stones - 12.0 m) and pavement strengthening;
  • construction of sidewalks and bicycle lanes, as well as, their safe crossings with roads and construction of roads for local traffic to reduce the number of exits;
  • renewing of major accesses and intersections of road A2 according to LVS 190-3:1999 and LVS 190-4:1999;
  • renewing of interchange above road A2 and railway according to calculated load LVS ENV 199-3, = 1,0;
  • construction of rainwater drainage in Baltezers and water cleaning, construction of lighting in complex sections and installation of technical devices for traffic organization (marking; road signs; barriers; marker posts);
  • improvement of traffic safety (crossing of pedestrian and bicycle flow, optimisation of number and placing of bus stops) on the road A2 in the section from km 12.40 to km 4.85.

    Project implementation:
    Construction works were started in 2003 and finished in September 2004.

    Total expenditures of the reconstruction are approximately 15 000 000 EUR.

    Route E 67 Via Baltica, road A1 Riga (Baltezers) - Estonian border (Ainaži) section from km 6.3 to km 12.6 (Ādaži). Continuation of project Gauja - Lilaste section.

    Client: The Ministry of Transport of Latvia.
    Project management: SJSC “Latvian State Roads”.
    Author of construction design: “Pro Via” Ltd.
    Performer of construction works: pilnsabiedrība „Pro Via & Isliena V”.
    Contract price with VAT included: EUR 11 316 137,29.
    Construction works have started on July 1st, 2005.
    Time period of construction works: 12 months.

    Construction works in the road E67 – A1 section Ādaži – Gauja from km 6.3 to km 12.6 are financed by state budget and EU Cohesion Fund.

    Object of the project is to increase pavement bearing capacity to 11.5 t and to widen a roadway. After a finish of construction works, width of asphalt pavement will be 11.5 m but width of shoulder without asphalt – 1.75 m.

    Intersections with roads less important are reconstructed too. Parallel local traffic roads and cross-over over road in Draudzības Street extension are constructed in Ādaži. After a finish of construction works, capacity of the section will improve as local transport and slow agricultural transport will be able to take blakus roads. A crossfall of carriageway will be 2.5 %, planned speed limit – 100 km/h.

    For improvement of traffic safety, number of left turns both from road, and to it will be diminished, as well as new equipment – traffic signs and road markings – will be installed.

    On the cross-over and its access roads there is a plan to construct a separate, divided from the road lane for pedestrians and bicyclists.

    Cross section of road pavement:
    asphalt base couse - 4 cm;
    asphalt binder course - 7 cm;
    asphalt base course - 13 cm;
    broken stone base - 25 cm.

    For reconstruction of carriageway pavement 15 000 m3 of broken stone base and 10 000 m3 of old asphalt pavement will be recycled.
    For construction of broken stone and gravel base, 30 000 m3 of material will be used: for asphalt base and binder course – 15 000 m3 or 37 000 t,
    For asphalt base course – 3 300 m3 or 8 300 t.

    Route E67 Via Baltica, Saulkrasti bypass

     Saulkrasti bypass (Scheme - PDF File)

    To relieve the present road A1 Riga (Baltezers) - Estonian border (Saulkrasti) a new road section from Lilaste to Skulte (road A1 km 21.05 - 40. 57) has to be constructed east from railway.
    Object of the project is to relieve A1. It is predictable that after the finish of construction works value of Saulkrasti as a recreation town will increase.

    Saulkrasti bypass stage 1 foresees the following major construction works:
  • construction of 8.6 km long road (cross profile – NP14, pavement - asphalt concrete) starting from road section Gauja - Lilaste reconstructed in 2001 to the crossing with road P6 Saulkrasti - Sēja;
  • construction and reconstruction of secondary roads: exits to polygon and to “Ķempji” in Lilaste area, road P6 Saulkrasti – Sēja in 1.7 km long section; access road to “Bajāri” near Sēja traffic junction, access road to summer house area ”Saulainā ieleja”;
  • construction of two traffic junctions, both in two levels: in Lilaste area and in the crossing with road P6 Saulkrasti - Sēja;
  • construction of road interchange above access of road A1 in the area of Lilaste junction; railway interchange above the new access of A1 in Lilaste area; bridge over the Inčupe; interchanges of road P6 and access road to summer house area “Saulainā ieleja” above the new bypass;
  • construction of railway crossing on railway Riga - Skulte in crossing with the new road P6;
  • lighting of complex traffic junctions, reconstruction of hindering electricity and communication connections;
  • building of fences in several areas, planting of fir-tree hedges, installing of packet windows in buildings near the access road to “Zeltiņi” and “Bajāri”.

    Project implementation:
    The construction of Saulkrasti bypass is planned in three stages with building of 20.2 km long section of bypass road and 15 road interchanges in total.
    In the first stage 8.6 km long bypass and 5 road interchanges are planned to be build. The tender is planned to be announced in 2005.
    For the second and the third stage the tender is planned in 2005.
    The completion of access road construction works is planned until 2007.

    Route E67 Via Baltica, road A7 Riga - Bauska - Lithuanian border (Grenctāle) section from km 25.0 to 42.9 (Ķekava - Iecava)

    Major designing works planned for road section reconstruction are:
  • widening of road asphalt pavement to 11.5 m and pavement strengthening;
  • reconstruction of major accesses and intersections according to LVS 190-3:1999 and LVS 190-4:1999;
  • improvement of road longitudinal profile in several sections;
  • reconstruction of bridge over the Ķekaviņa according to calculated load LVS ENV 1991 - 3, = 1,0;
  • rebuilding of crossing with railway Jelgava - Krustpils in two levels with A7 at lower level.

    Project implementation:
    The project application for ISPA was prepared in 2003.
    In 2004 the development of reconstruction technical design of road A7 Riga - Bauska - Lithuanian border in section from km 25.0 to km 42.9 was continued. Construction works are planned for 2005 - 2006.

    Route E 67 Via Baltica, road A7 Riga - Bauska - Lithuanian border (Grenctāle) section Riga - Ķekava

    Main works:
    Widening of present roadway and asphalt concrete surfacing and increasing of road bearing capacity; improvement of traffic safety; reconstruction of Ķekava bridge.

    Project implementation:
    With the technical assistance from ISPA Europe Union pre-accession structural fund in 2003 the pre-feasibility study was performed to determine the necessity of Ķekava bypass. In 2004 the research will be continued to substantiate technically and financially most feasible alignment of Ķekava bypass, to determine the necessary improvements in the alignment of A7, as well as, to carry out public hearing about the prepared solution in order to obtain the main alternative of Ķekava bypass alignment meeting the perspective traffic intensity and structure requirements.

    After these processes the acquisition of necessary land and design will follow.
    Construction works are planned for 2007 - 2009.

    E67 Via Baltica northern entrance into Riga, section Bukulti - Jugla - Vairoga street
  •  Northern entrance into Riga 
     Northern entrance into Riga 

    Main works:
    Determine the construction feasibility of a double route for Brīvības street (which is the continuation of Baltezers bypass, Alternative V alignment according to construction plans accepted in public hearing), in section from Jaunciema Avenue (Bukulti) to Vairoga street in the Riga city. The research also has to evaluate the proposals of the Riga city about creation of links between Brīvības street and its doubler in this route.

    Project implementation:
    With the assistance from EU ISPA in 2003 the pre-feasibility study was performed in the Riga city in order to determine the place of entrance into the Riga city from the direction of Tallinn. In 2004 the completion of research is about to start.

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