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XXVII International Baltic Road Conference
Yearbook of Latvian State Roads 2006
Road construction works 2007

 EU Co-financed Investment Projects
Route E 22

Route E22 Eastern entrance into Riga

Project implementation:
In order to adjust the alternative alignments of entrance of Latgale road into Riga (section from Kranciema quarry to Slāvu roundabout in Riga), determine the necessity of construction and year of completion, as well as, to accept the principal alternative during public hearing on construction plans it is necessary to perform appropriate studies the results of which could be used in further designing works.

Route E22 section Riga - Koknese

Main works:
To incorporate the constructed Latgale road to the present road network it is necessary to build a new section Krape - Koknese with access to the road A6 Riga - Koknese - Krāslava - Byelorussian border in Koknese. In the future an extension until Plaviņas is planned.

Project implementation:
JSC “Ceļuprojekts” continues the designing started in December 2003 for the transformation of road P80 into a motorway in the section from Kranciema quarry to the borders of Ogre and Aizkraukle districts. Road with normal profile, asphalt concrete surfacing and with two level traffic junctions is designed. Improvements for road P5 Ulbroka - Ogre section near Tīnūži are designed to ensure safe driving along the present road until the moment when the E22 entrance into Riga will be constructed.
In 2004 it is planned to commence the section from the border of Ogre/Aizkraukle districts until crossing with road A6 in Koknese. The mentioned section was subjected to environmental impact assessment (EIA). In the end of 2002 public discussion took place in Krape and Koknese parishes because the planned road will cross both parishes.
In 2004 it is planned to prepare an application for the Cohesion Fund co-financing.
Construction is planned in 2007 - 2010.

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Route E22 section Rēzekne - Ludza - Terehova

Main works:
  • Reconstruction of present road A12 section Rēzekne - Ludza.
  • Completion of the started construction in section Nirza- Terehova.
  • Reconstruction of present 2nd class road section Ludza - Nirza.
  • Reconstruction of bridge over river Isnauda.
  • Reconstruction of major accesses and intersections according to traffic safety requirements.
  • Installation of traffic organization devices (traffic signing; carriageway painting; barriers; marker posts) in the whole section Rēzekne - Terehova.

    Project implementation:
    An integrated project solution is prepared for the acquisition of financing from the EU Cohesion Fund for the reconstruction of road A12 section Rēzekne - Ludza - Terehova.
    The improvement and development research and environmental impact assessment for section Ludza - Terehova is already completed.
    In 2004 the preparation of materials for public discussion and public discussion on construction plans of section Ludza - Terehova (km 123.3 – 162.0) reconstruction is planned. This process will be followed by the preparation of design.
    In 2004 it is planned to complete the research of section Rēzekne - Ludza (km 100.69 - 123.3) and after obtaining this document the project application of road A12 (E22) section Rēzekne - Terehova to acquire the financing from the Cohesion Fund will be prepared for the reconstruction of the whole A12 section from Rēzekne to Terehova.
    Construction is planned in 2007 - 2009.

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