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XXVII International Baltic Road Conference
Yearbook of Latvian State Roads 2006
Road construction works 2007

 EU Co-financed Investment Projects
Improvements of TEN Road Network

The project consists of several sections for reconstruction in the TEN-T road network with the aim to increase the bearing capacity of road surfacing and bridges, as well as, to improve traffic organization and safety.

TEN road network improvements, Project 1

In 2004 the designing works for road reconstruction will be continued in the following sections:
  • E67 section Skulte - Svetciems (road A1, km 40.57 - 80.70);
  • E67 section Adaži - Gauja (crossings) (road A1, km 6.3 - 12.19);
  • E67 section Bauska - Grenctale (road A7, km 67.4 - 85.2);
  • E22 section Priedaine - Sloka (road A10, km 20.6 - 36.6);
  • E22 section Jekabpils - Varaklani and bridges (road A12, km 6.8 - 62.0).
In each of these sections the following issues will be evaluated: conformity of road alignment, longitudinal profile and cross section parameters to the planned intensity and speed, conformity of road pavement, bridge and interchange bearing capacity to the amount of load transfer and traffic content, as well as, traffic safety requirements (including pedestrians and cyclists).

Construction is planned in 2006 - 2009.

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