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XXVII International Baltic Road Conference
Yearbook of Latvian State Roads 2006
Road construction works 2007

 EU Co-financed Investment Projects
Access Road to Airport Riga

Stage A. Reconstruction of Access Road to Airport “Riga” and road interchange over K. Ulmaņa Avenue

 Part A 
 Part A 
Reconstruction works on access road to Airport “Riga” and road interchange over K. Ulmaņa Avenue were started on June 26, 2003 and finished within the agreed term. Works were performed by the consortium of “ACB Ltd” and JSC “Latvijas Tilti”, involving subcontractors for the execution of particular works. Total expenditures of the reconstruction are approximately 2 897 958.56 EUR, excluding 18% VAT for the Latvian co-financing.

Reconstruction of airport access road

Within the framework of reconstruction the rebuilding of pavement in both carriageways of 1.5 km long airport access road section has been performed, including the milling of asphalt pavement approximately in 20 cm depth, repairing crushed stone base layer, ensuring appropriate road geometry, constructing recycled cold mix base layer in 20 cm depth and laying of 5 cm thick lower and 3.5 cm thick upper layer.
To improve traffic safety the reconstruction of Dzirnieku street connection has been performed by building an intersection with good visibility, braking lanes and turning lanes, connection of Marupe parish local road C-19 to Dzirnieku street, and simultaneously closing the present C-19 connection to airport access road. With the development of the new airport terminal access in the reconstructed Dzirnieku street intersection it is planned to install traffic lights and reserve channels for this aim are planned and build. In the length of the whole section different types of parapets were installed, and for the first time collision blow kinetic energy absorbing elements were installed in the intersection of Dzirnieku street.
During reconstruction of the intersection of airport access road and Kalnciema street the U-turn and left turn point was closed, ensuring only right turn from Kalnciema street.
Public transport stops are reconstructed, placing pavilions and appropriate pedestrian parapets of extended type.
The reconstruction of lighting and electrical power network, greening of territory, as well as, aligning of water run-off system was executed along the whole section.

Reconstruction of interchange of K. Ulmana Avenue

During the reconstruction of interchange of K. Ulmana Avenue the pavement, insulation layer and span deck were reconstructed, the span beams were strengthened with metal plates ensuring the tension of spans and increased carrying capacity. For the first time in Latvia the tension cable technology of French company “Fressynet” was applied. At the commencement of interchange reconstruction works the deficiency of bearing capacity of interchange deck stressed reinforcement was detected and in the result foreign bridge experts were invited for further determination of reconstruction process. Simultaneously a very poor condition of interchange piers was detected (one pier was even cracked). Both spans were strengthened with extra reinforcement, as well as, the strengthening and repair of total pier network was performed. As the designing and implementation of countermeasures to eliminate the mentioned unexpected damages caused a small delay it was gradually won back in the further two months.
Within the frameworks of reconstruction lighting columns were installed and metal pedestrian parapets were fixed at the span brackets on both sides of interchange ensuring the possibility for pedestrians to cross K. Ulmaņa avenue safely at both levels.
Within the frameworks of reconstruction the interchange cone, stairs, as well as, water system was re-arranged.

Project implementation:
Construction tender was announced on December 3, 2002.
Construction was finished in 2003.

Part A. Reconstruction of Access Road to Airport “Riga” and road interchange over K. Ulmaņa Avenue
Process of reconstruction works in 2003

Stage B. Improvement of traffic safety in K. Ulmaņa Avenue in the section from Lielirbes street until Gaviezes street and reconstruction of junction of K. Ulmaņa avanue and access road to airport “Riga”.

In 2004 the reconstruction project of airport access road will be continued and 2nd stage will be implemented: it is planned to construct the extension of access road and a new interchange over Zolitūdes street, construct new ramps for the present interchange of K. Ulmana avenue, rebuild it as a two level intersection with turning possibility in all directions, and build local traffic lanes (each approximately 1.1 km long along both sides of K. Ulmaņa avenue for the service of infrastructure), as well as, close the present three turning places in one level in the section from Lielirbes street to the interchange over K. Ulmaņa avenue thereby improving traffic safety greatly.

Main construction works:
 Part B 
 Part B 
  • construction of local traffic lanes and aligning of present lanes, removing direct exits from K. Ulmaņa avenue to service objects placed in zones adjacent to road;
  • arrangement of central reserve of K. Ulmaņa avenue including the elimination of turning point;
  • construction of two new ramps on the side of airport, forming complete cloverleaf junction for K. Ulmaņa avenue and airport access road;
  • construction of new, two lane carriageway interchange [dimensions – (1,5 m +8 m) x 2, length - 40 m] interchange over Zolitūdes street linking Jurkalnes street with access road to airport “Riga”;
  • construction of Jūrkalnes street extension over Zolitūdes street in 400 m length;
  • construction of connection road (ramp) for directions Riga - Zolitūde and Zolitūde- Jūrmala;
  • reconstruction of Zolitūdes street in section Šampētera street - Grenča street;
  • construction and reconstruction of lighting, electrical power network and water run-off system;
  • greening of territory.

    Project implementation:
    The estimation of tenderer offers. Estimation report is submitted to the delegation of the European Commission for approval. Construction works are planned in 2004 in the second half of April. Construction time is 8 months.

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