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XXVII International Baltic Road Conference
Procurement Documentation for the Road E77/A2 Section Riga Bypass - Senite
Latvian State Roads Yearbook 2007
Road construction works 2008


State Joint Stock Company Latvian State Roads
Riga, LV-1050


Name, surname Position Phone
Tālis Straume Chairman of the Board
Aldis Lācis Deputy Chairman of the Board, Director of Road Management and Maintenance Division
Edgars Brass Member of the Board, Director of Central Region
Ainars Vilnītis Member of the Board
Andris Veiss Adviser
Ilona Dzepuka Chief Accountant
Līga Blūma Senior Accountant
Rudīte Dirina Senior Accountant
Dzintra Bokuma Senior Accountant
Kristīne Čerņeviča Senior Accountant
Gunta Liepiņa Senior Accountant
Sarmīte Krūmiņa Accountant
Iveta Štreite Accountant
Linda Tillere Accountant
Legal Department    
Ivonna Straudovska Head of Department
Andra Granīta Lawyer
Edmunds Kancēvičs Lawyer
Anita Bojāre  Lawyer
Zane Libeka Lawyer
Internal Audit Department    
Māra Kalpaka Head of Department
Arnolds Dimbiers Auditor
Edgars Melnieks Auditor
Mārīte Priecuma Auditor
Finance Management Department    
Vilnis Millers Head of Department
Ģirts Augstkalns Economist
Māra Granīta Economist  
Gita Grīnvalde Economist
Žanna Pogoniševa Economist
Ineta Rogule Economist
International Affairs Department    
Mārtiņš Dambergs Head of Department
Laura Linkeviča International Affairs Coordinator
Ilze Straume International Affairs Coordinator
Public Private Partnership Projects Department    
Juris Tauriņš Head of Department
Zaiga Šteina Project Manager
Zigmārs Krūmiņš Project Manager
Public Relations and Marketing Department    
Daiga Mežapuķe Head of Department
Ieva Niedra Project Manager
Ingrīda Ozoliņa Project Manager
Tamāra Lauze Project Manager
Voldemārs Šķēle Project Manager
Administrative Division    
Olafs Kronlaks Director of Administrative Division
Quality Management Department    
Sabīne Plātere-Damberga Head of Department
Līga Miķelsone Quality Management Specialist
Document and Secretarial Services Department    
Santa Vaivode Head of Department
Jeļena Matvejeva Secretary
Marianna Blūma Librarian
Inese Muraša Archive Manager
Tatjana Kuzočkina Courier
Sandra Viziņa Copying Operator
Personnel Administration Department    
Gunta Šonmane Head of Department
Olita Luke Personnel Officer
Personnel Development Department    
Irēna Kardela Head of Department
Ieva Meijere Training Coordinator
Administrative Department    
Ziedonis Rebinovs Head of Department
Alfrēds Repulis Mechanics Engineer
Kristīne Livzeniece Assistant Manager
Communications and Computers Department    
Vilis Plāters Head of Department
Māris Vilciņš Computer Network Administrator
Ivo Brīvulis Computer Communications Analyst
Mārcis Pētersons Computer Engineer
Kaspars Kalnmeiers Computer Engineer
Latvian Road Museum    
Hamilkārs Sviķis Director of Road Museum
Inese Hildebrante Exhibit Database Analyst
Indra Dziedātāja Senior Supervisor of Museum Collection
Technical Division    
Valdis Laukšteins Director of Technical Division
Verners Akimovs Project Manager
Strategy Department    
Ināra Pavlovska Head of Department
Dace Ševele Economist
Uvis Ritums Road Engineer
Māra Nauzere Road Engineer
Matīss Jakovels Road Engineer
Road Network Department    
Andris Arbergs Head of Department
Andris Baumanis Road Engineer
Kārlis Baumanis Road Engineer
Guntis Grāveris Standardisation Engineer
Māris Sauka Road Engineer
Bridge Department    
Māris Dūzelis Head of Department
Laila Ādamsone Computer Engineer
Jūlija Ivanova Bridge Engineer
Ilmārs Jurka Bridge Engineer
Regional Programmes Department    
Maira Vesmane Head of Department
Imants Teibe Senior Project Manager
Mārtiņš Ozoliņš Project Manager
Kaspars Mičs Project Manager
Traffic Organisation Division    
Māris Zaļaiskalns Director of Traffic Organisation Division
Traffic Organisation Planning Department    
Ainārs Morozs Head of Department
Jānis Kadiķis Road Engineer
Aigars Puķītis Road Engineer
Jānis Liepiņš Road Engineer
Jānis Vasaraudzis Road Engineer
Agnese Urbāne Project Assistant
Traffic Organisation Supervision Department    
Guntars Brālis Head of Department
Juris Runcis Traffic Organisation Engineer
Kārlis Stapāns Road Engineer
Jeļena Sokolova Traffic Organisation Engineer
Production Division    
Gints Alberiņš Director of Production Division
Procurement Department    
Jānis Melnalksnis Head of Department
Līga Bračiņa Lawyer
Jolanta Inga Brasa Project Manager
Kristīne Derringa Project Manager
Viktors Maļčenko Project Assistant
Laura Vilaua Project Assistant
Anita Suslova Project Assistant
Contract Department    
Raivis Širmelis Head of Department
Kristīne Malnača Project Manager
Sanita Valnere Project Manager
Uldis Birzleja Project Manager
Māris Alksnis Project Manager
Andis Bērziņš Project Manager
Vilnis Burgmanis Project Manager f:
Māra Smildziņa Project Manager
Gundars Kains Project Manager
Armands Zvaigzne Project Manager
Artūrs Bordāns Project Manager
Mārīte Straustiņa Project Assistant
Jānis Šmits Project Assistant
Lands Department    
Dzintars Taurenis Head of Department
Edvīns Abiks Project Manager
Mārīte Meļķe Land Utilisation Engineer
Inta Studāne Land Utilisation Engineer
Agita Krūmiņa Project Assistant
Solvita Kauliņa Road Engineer
Ivars Kampuss Project Manager
Road Laboratory    
Vladimirs Akimovs Head of Laboratory
Mikus Dzenis Deputy Head of Laboratory
Karīna Drozdova Quality Engineer
Construction Material Testing Unit    
Ilze Ozola Head of Department
Viktors Tams Project Manager
Valentīna Ždanova  Production Engineer
Ilze Rubene Production Engineer
Maija Želve  Construction Technician
Tatjana Ļubicka Construction Technician
Anita Riekstiņa  Production Engineer
Marina Strazdiņa  Production Technician
Anna Lejiņa Production Technician
Mārtiņš Roze  Laboratory Assistant
Dainis Tūtāns Laboratory Assistant
Mārtiņš Jansons Laboratory Assistant
Kristaps Kaļinka Laboratory Assistant
Natālija Greidāne Laboratory Assistant
Vita Želve Laboratory Assistant
Jānis Tihonovs Laboratory Assistant
Vineta Tilčika Construction Technician
Valentīna Dzene Production Engineer
Ivars Balodis Engineer of Electromechanical Equipment
Aivars Māris Lapše  Engineer of Electromechanical Equipment
Ināra Stirna  Production Technician
Technology Unit    
Andris Ozols Head of Department
Silvija Šmite  Road Engineer
Ēriks Malahovs Production Engineer
Andris Kaņeps Production Engineer
Andris Bitmanis Road Engineer
Andrejs Šustko  Production Engineer
Silva Šapkina  Economist
Egīls Pūliņš Production Technician
Mārtiņš Volners Production Engineer
Road Parametre Measurement Unit    
Jānis Barbars Head of Department
Sergejs Akimovs Production Engineer
Arnis Šonmanis  Project Manager
Ervins Puriņš Project Manager
Zane Zīverte Project Assistant
Road Management and Maintenance Division    
Valērijs Malahovs Deputy Director of Road Management and Maintenance Division
Mārtiņš Podnieks Project Manager
Maintenance Planning Department    
Vladislavs Nartišs Head of Department
Viktorija Freimane Road Engineer
Juris Brakanskis Road Engineer
Sanita Muižniece Road Engineer
Valdis Mesters Road Engineer
Maintenance Control Department    
Jānis Kastanovskis Head of Department
Juris Vizulis Road Engineer
Kaspars Geige Road Engineer
Ivars Saidāns Road Engineer
Aivars Gusārs Road Engineer
Traffic Information Centre    
Boriss Jeļisejevs Head of Centre
Edmunds Bērziņš Dispatcher
Aigars Bērziņš Dispatcher
Inese Fecere Dispatcher
Nelda Neimane Project Assistant
Management Department    
Aivis Arnītis Head of Department
Guntis Roze Road Engineer
Alberts Bajārs Road Engineer
Assets Accounting Department    
Līga Saleniece Head of Department
Daiga Velēna Land Utilisation Engineer
Central Region    
Edgars Brass Director of Region
Andrejs Bērziņš Deputy Director of Region
Andris Melngailis Deputy Director of Region
Zaiga Blankveina Project Manager
Māris Spilva Project Manager
Pēteris Zariņš Project Manager
Māra Andersone Office Administrator
Andrejs Zadeiks Road Engineer
Edmunds Rullis Traffic Organisation Engineer
Didzis Zvirbulis Bridge Engineer
Silvija Vernera Construction Technician
Andris Repulis Mechanic
Ogre District Unit    
Regnārs Baumanis Head of Department
Jānis Akurāters Road Engineer
Gunārs Ruciņš Road Engineer
Aizkraukle District Unit    
Ludvigs Šteinbergs Head of Department
Raivis Brics Road Engineer
Jānis Sprukts Road Engineer
Bauska District Unit    
Sīri Vildere Head of Department
Vilnis Mezeriņš Road Engineer
Kristaps Arājs Construction Technician
Jelgava District Unit    
Jānis Lange Head of Department
Dainis Ābolkalns Road Engineer
Izolda Liepa Road Engineer
Vilnis Zadovskis Traffic Organisation Engineer
Vidvuds Vlasenko Road Engineer
Rīga District Unit    
Ģirts Rijkuris Head of Department
Ēriks Geižins Traffic Organisation Engineer
Inese Spriņģe Road Engineer
Irēna Roze Road Engineer
Antra Roze Road Engineer
Andrejs Piesis Road Engineer
Artūrs Zirnis Road Engineer
Kurzeme Region    
Māris Kramēns Director of Region
Kaspars Ķēniņš Deputy Director of Region
Aigars Geide Road Engineer
Arnis Losāns Road Engineer
Aigars Gailums Traffic Organisation Engineer
Sarmīte Pūcīte Road Engineer
Eva Riekstiņa Road Engineer
Kuldīga District Unit    
Arvis Taube Head of Department
Māris Taurīte Construction Technician
Gvido Taurīte Construction Technician
Dobele District Unit    
Edīte Bobrovska Head of Department
Arnis Paegle Road Engineer
  Road Engineer
Liepāja District Unit    
Baiba Kampmane Head of Department
Kaspars Butkus Road Engineer
Raitis Brēdiķis Road Engineer
Anrijs Balčus Traffic Organisation Engineer
Saldus District Unit    
Elza Jaunzeme Head of Department
Dace Kruskopa Road Engineer
Dzintars Milts Road Engineer
Talsi District Unit    
Ināra Lāce Head of Department
Guntis Sapiegs Road Engineer
Guntis Meikulis Road Engineer
Mārtiņš Štrauss Road Engineer
Tulkums District Unit    
Harijs Lācars Head of Department
Roberts Lagzdiņš Road Engineer
Monika Bērzs-Bērziņa Road Engineer
Inese Rutkovska Road Engineer
Ventspils District Unit    
Andis Geige Head of Department
Inga Klēģere Traffic Organisation Engineer
Jānis Apinis Road Engineer
Latgale Region    
Jānis Čudarāns Director of Region
Valdis Pastars Deputy Director of Region
Dmitrijs Luckovs Road Engineer
Anatolijs Jamščiks Road Engineer
Jānis Rukmanis Project Manager  
Larisa Rukmane Road Engineer
Andrejs Širins Mechanic
  Traffic Organisation Engineer
Pēteris Breidaks Bridge Engineer
Juris Kondrovs Road Engineer
Sanita Vasiļjeva Office Administrator
Rēzekne District Unit    
Voldemārs Stirāns Head of Department
Arvīds Runčs Road Engineer
Uldis Rukmanis Road Engineer
Iveta Jurāne Road Engineer
Balvi District Unit    
Līga Vancāne Head of Department
Uldis Matisāns Road Engineer
Guntis Tabors Road Engineer
Daugavpils District Unit    
Gunārs Hmeļņickis Head of Department
Jurijs Koroļs Road Engineer
Nataļja Juhņeviča Road Engineer
Jānis Jankovskis Road Engineer
Jēkabpils District Unit    
Andris Rūrāns Head of Department
Jānis Zamuška Road Engineer
Eduards Grandāns Road Engineer
Krāslava District Unit    
Pēteris Strautiņš Head of Department
Aleksandrs Sadovņikovs Road Engineer
Uldis Ornicāns Construction Technician
Ludza District Unit    
Imants Kalvītis Head of Department
Ēriks Uzuleņš Road Engineer
Kristaps Kurms Road Engineer
Preiļi District Unit    
Raitis Griķis Head of Department
Gunārs Jakovels Road Engineer
Aldis Upenieks Road Engineer
Vidzeme Region    
Guntis Apinis Director of Region
Alvis Blaus Deputy Director of Region
Gunta Ķikse Project Manager
Tālavs Megnis Road Engineer
Guntis Dišlers Bridge Engineer
Jānis Mincis Project Manager  
Kārlis Mincis Mechanic
Egons Praznicāns Traffic Organisation Engineer
Valmiera District Unit    
Imants Krīgers Head of Department
Dzidra Brēdenfelde Road Engineer
Sarmīte Pērkone Road Engineer
Alūksne District Unit    
Māris Salmiņš Head of Department
Juris Priednieks Road Engineer
Viktors Melecis Road Engineer
Cēsis District Unit    
Uldis Plendišķis Head of Department
Evija Čencova Construction Technician
Lilita Rāviņa Road Engineer
Maruta Pāsa Road Engineer
Gulbene District Unit    
Laimonis Aumeisters Head of Department
Jānis Meņģo Road Engineer
Vēsma Silva Miķelsone Road Engineer
Limbaži District Unit    
Māris Tams Head of Department
Viesturs Štrāls Road Engineer
Valdis Paeglis Road Engineer
Madona District Unit    
Marija Drunka Head of Department
Ilona Gottere Road Engineer
Ainārs Graudiņš Road Engineer
Ingus Šīris Road Engineer
Valka District Unit    
Juris Jansons Head of Department
Dzintra Rozīte Road Engineer
Māris Mačulis Road Engineer

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